About BAM

The BAM adventure began in 2014 when, on a trip to Japan, founder Arnaud Studer had the pleasure of experiencing Asian karaoke. He loved it so much that, upon his return to Paris, he created BAM Karaoke Box (BAM stands for “Boîte à Musique” or “Music Box”).

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Now a pioneer and leader in high-end private karaoke rooms in France, BAM Karaoke Box has a team of nearly 100 employees who help develop and uphold the excellence of the BAM experience. Today there are nine BAM venues in Europe: five in Paris, one in Bordeaux, two in Madrid and the latest addition in London, which opened in Spring 2024.

BAM’s aim is to offer a fun and original evening out with friends. At BAM, you can privatize a room, sip fabulous cocktails and eat delicious food – either delivered in-room or at the bar – while enjoying high-quality service and entertainment. It’s an original and premium karaoke box experience – and the first of its kind in Europe.

Each BAM venue is uniquely designed, welcoming you into its different, beautifully decorated spaces and creating an immersive experience. Our goal is to cultivate an atmosphere in which people feel free to let their hair down and forge lasting memories with friends, family or colleagues.

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Introducing BAM Brunch

Every Saturday

12:30 – 16:00


Free-flowing Brunch, Live Entertainment, Private Karaoke